Working with organisations with people

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Our Approach

The Faraday Partnership is collective intelligence.

We are a group of committed individuals bound together by a clear set of operating values and principles.

  • Be honest. It is the foundation of everything we do. Honestly!
  • Practise what you preach. Behavioural change isn’t a theoretical exercise. It comes from experience. It has to be lived.
  • Keep it real. We use classic models and innovative methodologies. But models are only idealisations. We work with reality.
  • Value people. They are the building block of your organisation. We work with individuals, so individuals can work with you.

We offer a personalised portfolio of complementary services to improve your organisation’s performance and leadership. Our services are available all over the UK.

Our core structure is deliberately compact. From our head office in London we carefully assemble associate teams, provide administrative support and monitor our quality assurance.

Our consultants manage day-to-day implementation alongside a Faraday director.

We are also delighted to announce that Faraday is now accredited to Lot 16 – Management and Leadership on the OGC.buying solutions framework agreement for Learning & Development and eLearning Solutions. 

This framework agreement is now available for use by the public sector and by using this EU compliant framework agreement, you have easy access to the services you require without the need for further procurement exercises.

For added confidence, all suppliers have undergone competitive tendering and rigorous evaluation procedures to ensure their quality and competitive rates. For more information please contact OGCbuying.solutions customer service desk on 0845 410 2222.

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